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RiverSide Counselling Services,
20 Bachelor's Walk,
Dublin 1.
Telephone: 872 4597.

* Introduction:

Welcome to RiverSide Counselling Services.
The services were initiated in 1997 in response to a need to provide an accessible relevant holistic pastoral counselling services in Dublin's city centre.

* Models of counselling:

Counsellors providing the counselling service will be familiar with a broad range of counselling models e.g. client centered, C.B.T. (cognitive behaviour therapy), transpersonal psychosynthesis, systemic family therapy etc. The counsellor may adopt an 'eclectic' approach to therapy i.e. using a variety of models and techniques tailored to the issues and needs of each particular client(s). Counsellors will operate from a broad holistic, pastoral integrative framework conscious of the 'whole' person i.e. body, mind and spirit. If spirituality is a value for the client it can be incorporated into the counselling process. Referrals to other specialist counselling services is also an option occasionally availed of.

* Counselling staff training, qualifications and accreditations:

All counselling staff are qualified, experienced and accredited practitioners. They are also engaged in ongoing personal and professional development and supervision. Counsellors will endeavour to contribute towards creating a confidential, professional yet 'user friendly' healing environment in which clients will feel respected and relaxed. An environment conducive to sharing their story, being listened to and understood; freedom to share highly sensitive and confidential issues, and to express emotions associated with such issues.

* Issues addressed in counselling:

The particular issues addressed in counselling will be unique to each individual client. Examples: The counselling may focus on various issues such as loss. The loss through bereavement, loss of health, a job, youth, a relationship. Other issues such as depression, addictions, compulsive disorders, family issues, sexual disorders, anger, suicidal thoughts etc. may be issues to be addressed and worked through. The precise source and nature of the disturbing issue(s) may not be immediately apparent. Beginning to explore irritant apparent issues may uncover related concealed issues which need addressing. Exploring disturbing emotions, whether from the past, present or anxieties regarding the future, could be issues to be confronted; with the objective of dissolving them if possible, or at least managing and safely integrating them so that they no longer negatively impact on the quality of life.

* Other counselling services available:

Supervision/counselling of counsellor practitioners, counsellors in training and others engaged in the helping professions.
Facilitation of support groups e.g. Suicide Bereavement Support Groups (for those bereaved by suicide). Addiction Support Groups etc.
Facilitation of workshops on particular issues; e.g. Bullying. Suicide. Addiction etc.

* Sliding scale fee:

Those who avail of any of the counselling services are expected to pay a fee on the basis of a sliding scale relevant to their economic situation. A nominal fee is acceptable from those in receipt of minimal income. It is emphasised that lack of finance should not deter anyone who is in need of and wishes to avail of any of the counselling and support services.

* Contact procedure:

To make an initial contact with a counsellor simply ring 8724597 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday to request an appointment at a convenient day and time. An enquiry or an appointment can also be made with the receptionist at 20 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin 1.

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